Todd McMichen

Above and Beyond Giving Is Here to Stay

Pastor, I have some great news. Generosity is on the rise with the most generous people across the United States. Statistically speaking, charitable giving dollars have never been higher. This growth is being achieved in large part due to giving people increasing their generosity year after year. Additionally, I previously spent two decades in the […]

7 Church Money Lessons Learned During COVID-19

We are now multiple weeks into COVID-19 ministry season and I have been interacting with hundreds of pastors, hearing their stories, and watching patterns develop. Church leaders have been immediately thrust into the position of being both generosity and digital experts overnight. These two areas of ministry are demanding more attention than ever. It has […]

6 Steps To Unleash Above And Beyond Giving Season During COVID-19

In times of disaster people are looking to live generously. Giving is a natural reaction to an obvious need. The opportunities exist all around us every day. They are especially obvious during a national crisis. We can learn of them at work, in our neighborhoods, or on the internet. When we do, we naturally respond. […]

15 Meeting Starters To Create Ministry Goals During COVID-19

At this point in time we have been through several leadership stages related to this COVID-19 ministry season. First, we all reacted, then re-reacted, then re-reacted again. The landscape was changing by the hour and we had no idea what our national, state, and city officials would and would not permit. Congratulations on successfully navigating […]

5 Keys to Speaking Positively About Generosity During COVID-19

Pastors are beginning to see what may be in the future when it comes to resourcing vision. Even those churches that are debt free with months of expenses in liquid cash reserves are concerned about their financial futures. After watching scores of worship services online, I would like to offer some encouragement and coaching to […]