Todd McMichen

Todd serves at the Director of Generosity by LifeWay. His generosity roots rise from leading multiple capital campaigns for two churches where he served as a staff member, raising over $35,000,000 for their visionary projects. Since 2000, Todd has been a well-established stewardship coach, generosity leader, author, and conference speaker.

Vlog: People Love Giving Gifts

You may be surprised to know that 10% of our value is in the money we have. However, 90% of our value is in the stuff we’ve acquired throughout life. Generosity by LifeWay has set out to challenge this statistic to increase giving in every channel. Your accumulated assets can become noncash gifts! Generosity by […]

Vlog: The Generosity Cycle

The Generosity Cycle includes six modules that walk you through the Generosity Pathway where you will learn about the five kinds of givers in every church and develop unique discipleship opportunities for each. Generosity Coaching helps you and your leadership team make generous disciples. This 12 month system will walk church leaders through exercises that […]

Top 20 Proverbs On Giving Without Regretting

Christmas is the one time of the year when giving is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, and possibly, heart. You can witness it in the retailer raking it in, the mom preparing for guests, or the Salvation Army volunteer ringing that bell. Everywhere you go, it is the season of giving. Then soon all […]

Why Digital Giving is NOT the Generosity Solution

I know this would appear to be a strange blog post focus for one who directs a digital giving platform. However, I need to be straightforward and honest. Here is the premise, digital giving opportunities are on the rise, yet they are not reaching the automatic 10% increase that is often expected. First let’s look […]

The Biggest Waste of Church Money

As I type that title “The Biggest Waste of Church Money” it is kind of personally shocking even for me the author. I have spent decades in the church and I have seen money go to some pretty crazy items. Of course, they are only as outlandish as my personal perspective and passion permits. Spending […]

Front Door Generosity

For the most part church leaders tend to race between the two extremes of being silent on the money topic until there is financial pressure of some sorts then we can run towards fundraising mode. These practices reap a transactional giving culture of short-term gains. Most pastors desire to experience the long-term joy of a […]

Breakthrough Financial Leadership

I have had the privilege of being the founding leader of two nonprofit organizations, one for-profit company, and the employee for several multi-million dollar organizations. I also run the finances for my family. As I have ebbed and flowed in these different financial environments I have recognized both the differences and similarities of how money […]