Todd McMichen

Todd serves at the Director of Generosity by LifeWay. His generosity roots rise from leading multiple capital campaigns for two churches where he served as a staff member, raising over $35,000,000 for their visionary projects. Since 2000, Todd has been a well-established stewardship coach, generosity leader, author, and conference speaker.

Episode 0: Welcome to the Podcast

Pastors we are pumped to bring you a brand new free resource. It will move the dial forward for you and your team quickly. “The Generosity Podcast” is launching weekly and here is what it will deliver to you. A quick hitting 20-25 minutes of practical discussion from leading experts, authors, and pastors each week […]

VLOG: Crafting A Generosity Ministry Vision

Before you launch any ministry it’s really important to have a clearly articulated vision to provide direction. Two questions come into play: Why do we need a generosity ministry now? and When will we know its successful? to be most helpful in launching a generosity ministry. Listen, as Todd McMichen answers these questions to help […]

Spontaneous Generosity Is A Thing

It is not uncommon for pastor’s to teach and preach towards two specific types of giving. The descriptive terms often used are “percentage giving” and “planned giving.” Both of these speak toward the habit, discipline, duty, and often sacrifice of generosity. I personally practice both percentage and planned giving. They are really helpful to living […]

VLOG: The Generosity Crisis Part 3

Todd shares where can you find the resources to help equip the church to respond to the generosity crisis. The Generosity Crisis Part 3 will address the technology, leadership, and discipleship opportunities and where you can find those resources.