Todd McMichen

Todd serves at the Director of Generosity by LifeWay. His generosity roots rise from leading multiple capital campaigns for two churches where he served as a staff member, raising over $35,000,000 for their visionary projects. Since 2000, Todd has been a well-established stewardship coach, generosity leader, author, and conference speaker.

Generosity Reset Reflection

Generosity Reset is a helpful ebook produced by our friends at Generous Church. It is the single best summary I am aware of, regarding the mindset shift needed moving from a fundraising plan to disciple-making in the local church. It seems like an obvious and natural shift. However, after decades of little talk about money […]

Must Have Ministries When Growing A Generous Culture

Every church desires a more generous culture. I have never heard a pastor say anything different. However, when I explore that desire a little more deeply what I hear pastors seeking most is money to fund their vision or relieve the pressure. So the solution is always to focus upon the ministries that directly affect […]

When A Resource Surplus Is Normal

Let’s begin with an assumption. Every church should, as a norm, experience a continual surplus of resources. Financial shortage, stress, or cut backs should not be normal. Actually, the only time a church should experience a shortage of resources is during times of uncontrollable crisis like a devastating storm or significant economic downfall. A normal […]

Money Sins of Jesus’ Disciples

I know this may be hard to fathom. It may even be hard to contemplate, but Jesus’ disciples did not always address the issue of money properly. Somehow just typing this makes me feel uncomfortable. Surely the people Jesus led the strongest certainly could not have been found to have failed with money that was […]

Watch Your Generosity Language

Simply put, words are one of the most powerful leadership tools one can possess. They are free and there are a ton of them. On top of that, most leaders have been speaking words for decades. Thousands of them daily. You would think with such a high competency for speaking, mixed with a vast volume […]

Most Generous Cities in America

A few years ago I remember reading a report about the most generous cities in America. It caught my interest because my home city of Birmingham, AL was ranked #3. Recently, I did some research to see how, not only my city, but others were doing. Much to my amazement I discovered multiple data points […]

Generosity Begins in the Parking Lot

Originally on I have been consistently attending weekend worship services for nearly 40 years. My personal experience extends beyond more state lines than I would like to count.  I feel like I have seen it all, though I am sure I haven’t. Never the less, I have been to church in a school, home, […]