Vlog: When Church Debt is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church debt feels overwhelming? Debt is stifling when it gets to about 4 times your annual income or more. When you get in those situations, I find that church leaders want to reduce their debt as soon as possible, but I
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Why the Tithing Message Is Short-Sighted

I believe in tithing, sort of. Now, let me explain. There is a good bit of debate as to many aspects of tithing. First of all, not all pastors believe the Old Testament law of tithing – donating 10% of personal income – still applies
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Episode 54: How to Become a Personal Fundraiser

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Scott Morton, international funding coach for Navigators, author, trainer, and speake.. During their conversation they discuss the topic of personal fundraising. Best
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