Podcast Episode 46: When the People Split and So Does Everything Else

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Kevin Brimner, Lead Pastor at First Christian Church in Newbergh, Indiana. During their conversation, they discuss leading the church and its finances as they recover from a split. Best Quotes “We were running 1300 on an average week with a budget of $45,000. […]

Generosity Secrets Revealed

Today, I am going to pull back the curtain on some trade secrets. Yes, generosity professionals have them. That is why they are paid the big bucks to help churches climb big mountains.  First, a little background. I spent the better part of twenty years travelling the country helping churches navigate financial opportunities. I have […]

Vlog: Crafting a Generosity Ministry Vision

Before you launch any ministry, it is really important to have a clearly articulated vision to provide direction. There are two questions that are most helpful: Why do we need a generosity ministry now? When will we know when it is successful? These two questions boil down to: what is our motivation on the front […]

Best Financial Year Ever

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like for your church to have its best financial year ever? I know dreaming about finances typically does not rank high on too many pastors lists. When you think of church finances “nightmare” might be the more appropriate word. Now, your finances may not be in bad […]

Vlog: What is a Generosity Ministry?

At Generosity by LifeWay, we set out to give you all the tools you need for a Generosity Ministry. Here we will explain what a Generosity Ministry is, how you create a vision for one, and how you launch one in your church. There are five areas of church financial ministry: stewardship, generosity, church finance, […]

Giving Can Make You Happy

Over the past few years I have read several research projects that directly link the experience of giving to the feeling of happiness. Some of these projects have been extremely impressive in the depth and focus. For instance, one found that giving a material gift certainly elicits positive emotions in the receiver of the gift. […]

Born to Be Generous

You can’t stop generosity! It is natural, normal, and wired into the existence of every human being. So why are we so nervous about it at church? Give these thoughts some significant time to brew and see if they do not inspire, affirm, and empower a new direction. God is a generous God. He is […]

11 Bible Givers You Will Want To Meet

The Bible is filled with practical stories of how individuals pursued generosity. Most thrived in generosity while a few could use some grace and practice. However, we can all learn from both. I know I have failed enough times and could use the inspiration to keep at it. Take a look at these real-life givers […]