Common Financial Goals of Retiring Pastors

About three to five years prior to a pastor retiring, he usually starts thinking about what he wants to get completed before he walks out of the office on his very last day. Surprisingly enough finances tend to come into focus both personally and for the church. Here are the four major conversations I have […]

Vlog: Financial Goals of Retiring Pastors

Generally, there are four financial concerns of pastors who are looking toward retirement. 1. They often want to tackle one last capital campaign. 2. They want to eliminate all debt. 3. They want to make hard financial calls. 4. They are concerned about their own personal finances and the challenges there. These are things pastors […]

Vlog: Millennials Are Flocking to Generosity Events!

When I speak with pastors about fundraising events, they often do not want to do things that might adversely affect budget giving. So we put all of our eggs in one basket, and we only allow people to give to one thing: the budget. That is deficit thinking. Let me encourage you, if you are […]

Exposing Hidden Flaws of the “Vision-Based Budget”

Let’s talk about a sure fire way to create financial pressure and underfund ministry. It is the common practice of “Vision-Based Budgeting.” Now, I am a huge advocate of vision clarity. Vision work is absolutely generosity work. But let me expose this common concept of “Vision Based Budgeting” and the hidden flaws associated with it. […]

Vlog: The Pitfalls of Vision Based Budgeting

Vision work is generosity work. Vision is really important. But vision-based budgeting is really dangerous and it doesn’t often accomplish what we think it does. Typically vision-based budgeting describes a process in which a budget figure is larger than seems reasonable. This leads to an actual result of financial pressure and underfunding. Before you begin […]

4 Steps to Create a Life-Giving Church Budget

The yearly budget preparation process is quite possibly one of the most dreaded seasons of the year for a pastor. He is immersed in a world of numbers, financial terms, spreadsheets, and hard financial decisions that can feel very foreign to his seminary training. A pastor’s sweet spot is people, words, the Bible, and ministry. […]

Vlog: 4 Steps to a Life-Giving Church Budget

Today I want to give you four steps to a life-giving church budgeting process. 1. Create a unifying church goal at the very beginning of the process. 2. Provide clear objectives for the work that will need to be accomplished in the next year. 3. Create an overall budget target as well as targets for […]

When Church Debt Is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church is in debt? Now I am not talking about just a little debt, but what do you do when you are carrying a debt load that is stifling? This is a heavy weight church leaders bear needing wisdom to successfully navigate.  First, let’s define a heavy debt load. […]