Episode 65: Smart Stewardship Solutions Increases Resources

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Tim Cool, the Chief Solutions Officer at Smart Church Solutions and author of Why Church Buildings Matter and Plan 4 It. During their conversation they discuss how stewardship of physical resources actually increases generosity. Best Quotes “Stewardship means someone has entrusted something to […]

10 Clues To Know Church Debt Is Right

If you are one of my good stewardship friends and are cringing at the title of this blog, please forgive me and read on. Debt is a very polarizing issue, no one is really for it, but some are willing to leverage it. Then, others leverage it way too much and get into big trouble. […]

Rating Your Church’s Debt

Church debt can be a polarizing topic. Some are staunchly against it, viewing it as sin. While others are ok to engage some debt even though they would rather not. It feels necessary and practical. I have seen debt bind, divide, and kill a church. I have also seen it propel a ministry forward with […]

Vlog: Savvy Stewardship

Savvy stewardship has two steps. 1. Increase above and beyond giving. People love to give above and beyond in five different areas: next generation, capital, local outreach, national ministries, and global missions. Tap into these through an impact fund that is available 52 weeks of the year. 2. Use your increased financial resources in three […]

Vlog: When Is Church Debt Okay?

How do I know when it’s okay for my church to engage in debt? Some of you are cringing at the thought of even engaging in church debt. We all want to be debt free, but that’s not always the opportunity. Consider these questions: Is your current debt at 1x your annual income or less? […]

7 Church Money Lessons Learned During COVID-19

We are now multiple weeks into COVID-19 ministry season and I have been interacting with hundreds of pastors, hearing their stories, and watching patterns develop. Church leaders have been immediately thrust into the position of being both generosity and digital experts overnight. These two areas of ministry are demanding more attention than ever. It has […]

5 Digital Giving Moments Every Sunday

Leading a powerful digital giving response is both science and art. After watching hours of online services here are some best practices that church leaders need to consider. You want to provide multiple touches with repeated communication to be successful. Be mindful that you have no idea how many distractions you may be battling on […]

6 Steps To Unleash Above And Beyond Giving Season During COVID-19

In times of disaster people are looking to live generously. Giving is a natural reaction to an obvious need. The opportunities exist all around us every day. They are especially obvious during a national crisis. We can learn of them at work, in our neighborhoods, or on the internet. When we do, we naturally respond. […]