VLOG: Free Mobile Giving App

Pastor, I want to blow you away with a giving statistic. You are going to want to know this. It will make a massive difference in both the joy of giving and volume of resources you have to invest in your mission. Are you ready? Here it is. Last year alone mobile giving has increased […]

The Future of Mobile Giving Is Here

We are all well aware that it has been stated for years how every church needs to have an online giving presence to increase their generosity. Well, we have actually listened to that advice because recent statistics reveal 74% of churches now have online giving as an option. While that is a pretty impressive stat, […]

Retiring Old Generosity Plays

Let’s list the plays church leaders often run when a giving increase is needed. You may be familiar with some of these. Maybe you have even run a few in your day. Here is a list in no particular order. Three Year Capital Campaign Budget Pledge Drive Special Offering Sunday (Prove The Tithe, I Love […]

Book Review: Divine Applause

Recently I was so excited to pick up Jeff Anderson’s book “Divine Applause.” It is a much-needed work that provides masterful insights on the three chords Jesus braids together: giving, fasting, and prayer. If there is one book that expresses the heart behind Generosity by LifeWay, then it is this work. If pastors want to […]

VLOG: The Generosity Crisis Part 2

With the many new technological advances over the years, we’ve become a cashless society, leaving a sense of empty-handedness in the church. View as Todd discusses how the church has responded to the generosity crisis and learn how we can see God’s provision in today’s culture.    

VLOG: The Generosity Crisis Part 1

You may be surprised to learn that a money crisis and a generosity crisis are two different things. A generosity crisis is not defined by the number of contributions that go to a church’s budget. A generosity crisis is really a discipleship crisis. Watch as Todd McMichen reflects on the changes of philanthropic and charitable giving over […]

Why Digital Giving is NOT the Generosity Solution

I know this would appear to be a strange blog post focus for one who directs a digital giving platform. However, I need to be straightforward and honest. Here is the premise, digital giving opportunities are on the rise, yet they are not reaching the automatic 10% increase that is often expected. First let’s look […]

The Biggest Waste of Church Money

As I type that title “The Biggest Waste of Church Money” it is kind of personally shocking even for me the author. I have spent decades in the church and I have seen money go to some pretty crazy items. Of course, they are only as outlandish as my personal perspective and passion permits. Spending […]