Using Events to Raise Giving and Outreach

Churches tend to have pretty polar opposite opinions of fundraising events. For some it is an unstoppable tradition, like the “Student Talent Show” to pay for camp scholarships or the “Annual Missions Banquet.” For others, fundraising events are a big “no no.” The reason some do events is obvious, to raise more support. The reason […]

Episode 76: Leading the 5 Types of Givers in Your Church

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Jeff Crook, senior pastor of Christ Place Church in Flowery Branch, GA. During their conversation they discuss launching a strategic discipleship pathway for generosity by uniting clear vision language and the five types of givers. Best Quotes “Everything we do is flowing out […]

Vlog: How to Engage Non-Digital Givers in Digital Giving

There is a group who will never become digital givers. But you can still lead them in the digital age. You can help them understand autodraft and e-checks that come securely from their banks directly to your church. This will help them be more consistent. There is another group of non-digital givers that will make […]

Increasing Top Of Mind Generosity

Speed really matters these days. Change is happening at an unstoppable pace. No one can wait until Sunday to speak, engage, direct, disciple. Now is the time and the kingdom is advancing. I am a lay person and I have been for twenty years. To be fair, I spent the first fifteen years in full […]

Episode 74: Why Every Church Needs a Partner Foundation

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Bill High, the President of The Signatry, a global Christian foundation. During their conversation they discuss why every church needs an actual relationship with an institution known as a Christian Foundation. Best Quotes “So many times we see people who grow in spiritual […]

Episode 68: Common Questions About Digital Giving

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Candace Cutlip and Kyle Blankenship, generosity specialists for LifeWay Generosity. During their conversation they answer many of the common questions churches have about LifeWay Generosity. Best Quotes “The secret is hidden inside of discipleship and you can do that. But when it comes […]

Vlog: Most Generous Era in American History

Generosity is on the rise all across our country. We are living in the most generous era in American history. There are more nonprofit causes today than ever. They are growing at a faster rate than the for-profit business. It’s a great day to be in the business of generosity.

10 Clues To Know Church Debt Is Right

If you are one of my good stewardship friends and are cringing at the title of this blog, please forgive me and read on. Debt is a very polarizing issue, no one is really for it, but some are willing to leverage it. Then, others leverage it way too much and get into big trouble. […]