Is Your Online Giving Form Scaring Givers Away?

Are you inadvertently driving givers away from your online giving path? The majority of donation pages do. Statistics show that 60% or more of potential givers leave a donation page before completing the transaction. What’s behind this phenomenon? FRICTION! THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF FRICTION Donating is an emotional decision. Givers may not even be aware […]

Pastors See Economic Turnaround in 2018 Giving

Originally posted by LifeWay Research By Aaron Earls NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The economic recovery has reached the offering plate, according to a study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. Today, 8 in 10 Protestant pastors (79 percent) say the total offerings at their church this year are at or above last year’s levels, including 42 percent who […]

Breakthrough Financial Leadership

I have had the privilege of being the founding leader of two nonprofit organizations, one for-profit company, and the employee for several multi-million dollar organizations. I also run the finances for my family. As I have ebbed and flowed in these different financial environments I have recognized both the differences and similarities of how money […]

Major Gifts For Your Ministry

Do you think you can spot a major donor off the street? Consider billionaire Sam Walton of the Walmart dynasty. He often wore faded jeans and boots, and drove a very old truck. Nothing about him, outwardly screamed “wealth”. The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” holds true with donors. Who […]

Getting Year End Giving in Focus, Part 1

As we approach the end of the year, I will be frequently asked about year end giving. The bottom line request will be, how can I best capitalize on the opportunity to increase giving? Many churches will feel the pressure of budget donations, which have lagged behind expenses all year presenting the pressure to catch […]


Why is year-end giving important? Consider some of these statistics regarding year-end giving: 31% of annual giving occurs in December* 12% of annual giving occurs in the last 3 days per year 28% of nonprofits raise 26-50% of their annual budget during year-end! 36% of nonprofits raise less than 10% from year-end 1-3 touches for […]

Discipleship Thoughts for Key Givers

Wherever I speak, teach, or coach on stewardship, the question of key donors always comes up. It typically revolves around a few topics like, what should and shouldn’t a pastor know about donations and issues of potential favoritism. It is definitely a touchy subject and one we need to shine a powerful light on. I […]

3 Ways to Turn Empty Hands Into Overflowing

Ok, as a rule I am not one to blog about simple, easy ways to do anything. The bottom line is great fruit often takes hard work. However, I truly believe what I am about to share with you is simple and easy. I am really confident that it is so, because we have done […]