15 Meeting Starters To Create Ministry Goals During COVID-19

At this point in time we have been through several leadership stages related to this COVID-19 ministry season. First, we all reacted, then re-reacted, then re-reacted again. The landscape was changing by the hour and we had no idea what our national, state, and city officials would and would not permit. Congratulations on successfully navigating […]

3 Types of Online Givers to Reach During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As churches of all sizes are going virtual, digital giving is becoming a must-have. However, simply having online giving may not be enough to facilitate faithful giving. It’s critical that church leaders think like givers by creating an experience that is easy and rewarding for the giver—particularly during seasons like our current season of coronavirus social distancing, when the […]

How To Talk About Giving So People Won’t Tune You Out

Money is one of the most prominent life topics, so why are church leaders so shy to broach the subject? Just peruse the internet for the biggest headlines and you will discover topics like the economy, government waste, Wall Street roller coaster, countless articles on how to earn money quick and easy, or how to […]

Vlog: Family Generosity

There are many stories in the Bible that talk about generous families. We’ve written some sermons and resources for you related to them called Family Generosity. One of my favorite of these is about Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. They go to worship to participation generosity. One kid gets it right and one doesn’t. There […]

Podcast Episode 50: Uncovering the Hidden Treasure of Generosity Events

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Ray Gary, founder and CEO of iDonate. During their conversation, they uncover the hidden power that events hold to unleash giving in the local church. Best Quotes “When we think about the church we understand the value of corporate fellowship probably better than […]

Giving Can Make You Happy

Over the past few years I have read several research projects that directly link the experience of giving to the feeling of happiness. Some of these projects have been extremely impressive in the depth and focus. For instance, one found that giving a material gift certainly elicits positive emotions in the receiver of the gift. […]

Podcast Episode 40: How Pastors Can Unlock the Genius of Generosity

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Chip Ingram, pastor, author, speaker, and leader of the Living on the Edge movement. During their conversation, they discuss personal growth in generosity, Best Quotes “Whenever you see a need that you think I would want to fill, then I want you to […]

Vlog: People Love Giving Gifts

You may be surprised to know that 10% of our value is in the money we have. However, 90% of our value is in the stuff we’ve acquired throughout life. Generosity by LifeWay has set out to challenge this statistic to increase giving in every channel. Your accumulated assets can become noncash gifts! Generosity by […]