3 Types of Online Givers to Reach During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As churches of all sizes are going virtual, digital giving is becoming a must-have. However, simply having online giving may not be enough to facilitate faithful giving. It’s critical that church leaders think like givers by creating an experience that is easy and rewarding for the giver—particularly during seasons like our current season of coronavirus social distancing, when the […]

7 Ways Generosity Can Thrive In Your Church Even If You’re Not Gathering

To say these are interesting times for pastors and other church leaders is an understatement. This current season is a heart-wrenching time to shepherd people. First of all, let me encourage you: Jesus Christ died for His church. He has more at stake in her success than you do, so don’t take more on yourself […]

Vlog: When Church Debt is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church debt feels overwhelming? Debt is stifling when it gets to about 4 times your annual income or more. When you get in those situations, I find that church leaders want to reduce their debt as soon as possible, but I want to caution you against that. You aren’t […]

Episode 55: Groundbreaking Generosity Research Revealed

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by David King, the Karen Lake Buttrey Director for the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving and Assistant Professor, Philanthropic Studies at IUPUI. During their conversation they discuss current research around the topic of generosity. Best Quotes “The Giving USA report is a large […]

Why the Tithing Message Is Short-Sighted

I believe in tithing, sort of. Now, let me explain. There is a good bit of debate as to many aspects of tithing. First of all, not all pastors believe the Old Testament law of tithing – donating 10% of personal income – still applies today to modern believers. Next, studies have shown that many […]

Episode 54: How to Become a Personal Fundraiser

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Scott Morton, international funding coach for Navigators, author, trainer, and speake.. During their conversation they discuss the topic of personal fundraising. Best Quotes “God’s will done in God’s way never lacks God’s supplies—but it requires a wise Biblical fundraising plan!” “Social media is […]

Vlog: Rating Church Debt

How much church debt is the right amount of debt? Ideally, we all want to be in a no debt situation, but I’ve seen churches with no debt making no impact and seen other churches carrying large debts growing by thousands. Here are strategies for every church – no matter the debt you carry – […]

Vlog: Two Churches Six Digit Surplus

Two churches shared their experience with six digit surplus with me. These churches were normal churches with normal pastors just like yours. And you can experience overflow just like them as well. What’s the secret? Holistic generosity.