VLOG: Financial vs. Serving Generosity

Most pastors believe there is a difference between financial and serving generosity. However, the majority of congregational members view them as interchangeable.

Next Generation Giving: The Power of the Preacher Part 1

This one statement is the most true leadership statement of any when it comes to experiencing a generous church. “Generous churches are led by generous pastors.” As a leader, you definitely reap what you sow. No matter what your current financial picture, you can grow a generous church. Generous churches are not large and rich […]

Discipling High Capacity Givers

As a pastor, I have consistently provided small group opportunities to help Christians struggling with debt. It has been a high priority to put them on the path to financial freedom with the application of biblical principles in money management.  In recent years, I’ve noticed a lack of these kind of discipleship opportunities for believers […]

Vlog: Generosity is a Team Sport

Generosity is a team sport. Every generation is impacted by generosity and also everyone on your team is impacting those people on the topic of money or giving.

Four Reasons You Might Have A Volunteer Shortage And How To Stop It

The church is a volunteer-driven organization. Which means that nothing happens without volunteers. Additionally, this means church leaders and staff are constantly in recruiting mode to supply what is often a ministry with vacant team members. As a staff member, the never-ending need of volunteers might have been my greatest frustration. So I made it […]

Podcast Episode 25: The Yearly Stewardship Plan of Saddleback

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by a special co-host, George Thompson, Stewardship Pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church and board member of Christian Stewardship Network. Their guest today is Chris Goulard, Pastor of Strategic Advancement at Saddleback Church. During their conversation, they discuss what a churchwide stewardship plan looks […]

VLOG: Small and Medium Churches Winning

Small and medium-sized churches led the way in online digital giving growth over the past year.

Podcast Episode 24: Not Your Grandma’s Capital Campaign

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Greg Gibbs, Director of Strategic Planning at Kensington Church and Lead Navigator with Auxano. During their conversation, they discuss leading a successful capital campaign. Best Quotes “If you have high values around clarity and discipleship, that means you are really caregiving to your […]