3 Opportunities and A Challenge With The New Tax Law

Churches and charities continue to sift through the new tax law to discover how it affects them.  What are the opportunities and challenges particularly as it relates to charitable giving? The Opportunities The new tax law allows for donors to give up to 60% of their adjusted gross income.  For example, if they make $100,000, […]

Grow Generosity Through Fasting and Prayer

In scripture, we find the theme of fasting repeatedly. The topic of money is also one of the more addressed issues. When it comes to the committed, habitual practices of fasting and giving in the modern church can be quite a different experience. Jesus taught that his house was to be a house of prayer. […]

Seven Giving Messages from Genesis

Preaching on the topic of money in a healthy way can be one of the most challenging topics pastors ever address. The sermon topics can range from either pressuring people to give more (because the church has a need) to fighting workaholism (because the pursuit of money is wrong). In between these two extremes is […]