How To Talk About Giving So People Won’t Tune You Out

Money is one of the most prominent life topics, so why are church leaders so shy to broach the subject? Just peruse the internet for the biggest headlines and you will discover topics like the economy, government waste, Wall Street roller coaster, countless articles on how to earn money quick and easy, or how to […]

Vlog: Deficit Thinking is Dangerous

One of the most dangerous killers of generosity in the local church is deficit thinking. It can sound like we are doing something great by protecting our people or protecting our budget. But when we say we are not going to celebrate those who have the spiritual gift of generosity or that we aren’t going […]

Episode 52: Talking About Money Without Wearing Out Your Welcome

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gary Montgomery, Executive Director of Compass-Kentucky. During their conversation, they discuss the tension of needing resources to accomplish vision and the fear of wearing out the conversation. Best Quotes “On the surface, the tension is there because we don’t want to raise funds.” […]

Vlog: Soul Generosity

If I wanted to begin a healthy stewardship and generosity culture in my church, I wouldn’t talk about money. I would want to introduce the topic as an attribute of discipleship. We call that Soul Generosity. God is an unbelievably generous God that is there for us and receives us over and over again. And […]

Episode 51: Naming Easily Overlooked Generosity Fails

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, founder of Learn Generosity. During their conversation, they discuss the most common missteps church leaders unknowingly make when it comes to generosity. Best Quotes “The most effective way to preach on money is to sprinkle it in just like Jesus did.” […]

Leading With Soul Generosity

Soul Generosity is a topic that is foundational to me and one that I am most passionate about. I am guessing you may be asking what is Soul Generosity? Before we dive into the power of this topic, let’s first set the stage. When it comes to leading on the topic of money and church […]

Why Family Generosity Matters For Every Church

Growing a generous culture is a popular buzz phrase today. When I hear people talk about it the definitions or expressions are as varied as the people discussing them. For me, the only way a church is experiencing a generous culture is when it’s being “led by a generous leaders that are growing generous disciples.” […]

Vlog: Too Much Money Talk

One of the most common questions I receive from pastors is, “How much money talk is too much?” You never think you talk about Bible study, praying, or serving too much. Why is it that you aren’t worried about wearing those topics out? First off, make a rule that you won’t talk about money. Instead, […]