Vlog: When Church Debt is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church debt feels overwhelming? Debt is stifling when it gets to about 4 times your annual income or more. When you get in those situations, I find that church leaders want to reduce their debt as soon as possible, but I want to caution you against that. You aren’t […]

Vlog: Too Much Money Talk

One of the most common questions I receive from pastors is, “How much money talk is too much?” You never think you talk about Bible study, praying, or serving too much. Why is it that you aren’t worried about wearing those topics out? First off, make a rule that you won’t talk about money. Instead, […]

Podcast Episode 48: Generosity Resources Pastors Need on the Ready

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, noted stewardship expert, author, consultant, and founder of LearnGenerosity.com. During their conversation, they discuss the most effective generosity and stewardship resources. Best Quotes “Howard Dayton’s book Your Money Counts is like reading a commentary on money in the Bible.” “The Generous […]

Vlog: Tithing is Limiting

When it comes to teaching about tithing in our churches, there are often two camps of people. The first feel shame when we talk about tithing because they aren’t currently giving ten percent, and because of that shame they tune us out. The second give their tithe like it is just another bill, and because […]

Podcast Episode 47: How Can a Pastor Fix His Own Finances, So He Can Lead With More Confidence?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gary Montgomery, Executive Director of Compass-Kentucky. During their conversation, they discuss helping pastors move beyond their own financial issues. Best Quotes “The most common thing I hear is that no one ever taught me what it meant to handle money God’s way.” “We […]

Vlog: What is a Generosity Ministry?

At Generosity by LifeWay, we set out to give you all the tools you need for a Generosity Ministry. Here we will explain what a Generosity Ministry is, how you create a vision for one, and how you launch one in your church. There are five areas of church financial ministry: stewardship, generosity, church finance, […]

Giving Can Make You Happy

Over the past few years I have read several research projects that directly link the experience of giving to the feeling of happiness. Some of these projects have been extremely impressive in the depth and focus. For instance, one found that giving a material gift certainly elicits positive emotions in the receiver of the gift. […]

Vlog: The Generosity Crisis, Part 3

There are hundreds and thousands of resources out there, but you probably won’t invest the time to research them. Let us make that easy for you. Here we will address the technology, leadership, and discipleship opportunities to let you know where to find resources. Technology: We will help your church be able to facilitate a […]