Why Digital Giving is NOT the Generosity Solution

I know this would appear to be a strange blog post focus for one who directs a digital giving platform. However, I need to be straightforward and honest. Here is the premise, digital giving opportunities are on the rise, yet they are not reaching the automatic 10% increase that is often expected. First let’s look […]

Six Reasons Digital Giving Platforms Fail

I know this seems strange for the director of a digital giving platform to write on the inefficiencies of digital giving, but I think it is really important to understand a few critical components before you launch into a potential solution. Let’s begin by naming the question before presupposing the answer. What is the real […]

How to Maximize End of Year Giving for Your Church Part 1

As I write this, there are 53 shopping days til Christmas. There, I said it. 53 Days. This also means that there are less than 60 days until the new year. I say this not as a tribute to consumerism, but because if your church is not focused on your end-of-year giving plan, it is […]

Breakthrough Financial Leadership

I have had the privilege of being the founding leader of two nonprofit organizations, one for-profit company, and the employee for several multi-million dollar organizations. I also run the finances for my family. As I have ebbed and flowed in these different financial environments I have recognized both the differences and similarities of how money […]

Major Gifts For Your Ministry

Do you think you can spot a major donor off the street? Consider billionaire Sam Walton of the Walmart dynasty. He often wore faded jeans and boots, and drove a very old truck. Nothing about him, outwardly screamed “wealth”. The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” holds true with donors. Who […]

Getting Year End Giving in Focus, Part 1

As we approach the end of the year, I will be frequently asked about year end giving. The bottom line request will be, how can I best capitalize on the opportunity to increase giving? Many churches will feel the pressure of budget donations, which have lagged behind expenses all year presenting the pressure to catch […]

Vision for a Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship ministries are quickly popping up across the country. Recently, I was at an event dedicated to the craft of stewardship with over 100 staff coordinators and volunteers. It was an exciting experience to see so many pioneers in the room. Stewardship ministries have several challenges to gaining lift. First, there are very few models. […]

Every Church Needs a Stewardship Pastor

Recently, I was at a conference in which I heard multiple references stating, “Every church needs a Stewardship Pastor.” This got me thinking about how every church could actually accomplish such a goal. In terms of return on investment, this is one ministry that a proper emphasis actually should easily pay for itself and then […]