Vlog: Growing Recurring Digital Givers

People don’t wake up and become recurring digital givers. They start as first-time digital givers. So, how do we help people become better at recurring giving? You lead them through the steps of all of the different kinds of digital givers. But it’s also important for you as a pastor to be a recurring digital […]

Vlog: How to Move Occasional Digital Givers Forward

One of the things an occasional digital giver might be telling you is that they have tried the digital giving experience and didn’t like it. Digital givers are transacting e-commerce many times every day with high expectations. Many church digital giving services are old and archaic. If you want to make digital giving catalytic, make […]

Vlog: How to Engage Non-Digital Givers in Digital Giving

There is a group who will never become digital givers. But you can still lead them in the digital age. You can help them understand autodraft and e-checks that come securely from their banks directly to your church. This will help them be more consistent. There is another group of non-digital givers that will make […]

Vlog: Why Digital Giving Is Important to Pastoral Leadership

Most pastors aren’t actively involved in digital giving because they are disciplined and enjoy the physical demonstration of their generosity. But when pastors do not engage in digital giving they have a hard time optimizing and advocating for it. To help you in the area of digital giving, go online and use your digital giving […]

Vlog: 4 Types of Digital Givers

Today we are going to talk about four kinds of digital givers. The first is the digital giving pastor. Go through the digital giving experience multiple times a year so you can be aware of how the system works. The second is the non-digital giver. Half of them are never going to do it, half […]

Vlog: The Pitfalls of Vision Based Budgeting

Vision work is generosity work. Vision is really important. But vision-based budgeting is really dangerous and it doesn’t often accomplish what we think it does. Typically vision-based budgeting describes a process in which a budget figure is larger than seems reasonable. This leads to an actual result of financial pressure and underfunding. Before you begin […]

4 Steps to Create a Life-Giving Church Budget

The yearly budget preparation process is quite possibly one of the most dreaded seasons of the year for a pastor. He is immersed in a world of numbers, financial terms, spreadsheets, and hard financial decisions that can feel very foreign to his seminary training. A pastor’s sweet spot is people, words, the Bible, and ministry. […]

When Church Debt Is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church is in debt? Now I am not talking about just a little debt, but what do you do when you are carrying a debt load that is stifling? This is a heavy weight church leaders bear needing wisdom to successfully navigate.  First, let’s define a heavy debt load. […]