Giving Heroes In Genesis

I get so inspired when I think about how the Bible leads with the generosity story right from the very beginning. It doesn’t arrive after the law or when the Temple needs to be built. The Bible just starts with it from the very first family. Here are a few giving heroes that can inspire […]

How to Inspire a Giving Spirit in Your Church

Giving is one of the most important disciplines in the life of the local church. It is important for discipleship because it increases an individual’s faith and usefulness. Generosity is important for families because kids raised in generous homes are more likely to live generously as adults. Finally, giving is critical to carry on the […]

Podcast: Episode 3- The Power of Telling a Great Generosity Story, Brad Formsma

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Brad Formsma, author and founder of I Like Giving. During their conversation, they discuss how to inspire generosity. Best Quotes “We started with capturing short giving stories that showed the generous life from so many different perspectives, and the world responded.” “We know […]

Podcast: Episode 2- Is It Generosity, Stewardship, Fund Raising or Discipleship?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gunnar Johnson, longtime Stewardship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, TX, author, and speaker. Gunnar is the founder of Learn Generosity and currently serves as the Executive VP at MortarStone. During their conversation, they discuss when churches should consider starting a stewardship ministry. […]

Chasing Wrong Financial Goals

If I were to think through some of the more common personal financial objectives repeated in the church, I am pretty confident of a couple that would rank high on the list. Meaning that, if I were to list the most common financial goals that are often repeated across the nation in financial small groups, […]

Avoiding the Cash Flow Crisis

Vision proceeds at the speed of resources. Think about that for a moment. Here are some statements commonly heard in church planning sessions: “If only we had the resources, we could (fill in the blank).” Or, “We would do more, but the money just isn’t there.” Or, “We can’t. I wish we could, but cash […]

Seven Giving Messages from Genesis

Preaching on the topic of money in a healthy way can be one of the most challenging topics pastors ever address. The sermon topics can range from either pressuring people to give more (because the church has a need) to fighting workaholism (because the pursuit of money is wrong). In between these two extremes is […]

Why Tithing May Not Be as Generous as You Think

Not sure if the title of this blog is shocking to a reader or not, but let’s dive into the topic of tithing and generosity. We’ll define our terms, then we will look into a few Scriptures, and conclude with some applications. Defining Generosity & Tithing By definition, a tithe is a tenth part of […]