Common Financial Goals of Retiring Pastors

About three to five years prior to a pastor retiring, he usually starts thinking about what he wants to get completed before he walks out of the office on his very last day. Surprisingly enough finances tend to come into focus both personally and for the church. Here are the four major conversations I have […]

Episode 84: GoFundMe, Facebook, and Giving Tuesday Giving Strategies

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Michael Baker, the lead digital fundraising strategist at iDonate. During their conversation they discuss peer-to-peer fundraising and how to navigate it. Best Quotes “The more we can make it easier for the donor, the more likely they are to convert and actually give […]

Why Giving Money Away Might Be Hurting Your Church

Occasionally, I will write a blog that seems counter-intuitive to what a generosity professional might be perceived to value. For instance, I do not believe that digital giving alone is a silver bullet solution even though I direct a department with a best in class platform. I also believe that the tithing message is very […]

Four Reasons Every Church Needs a Succession Plan

Over the years I have played a variety of roles in crafting succession plans for pastors. These are really big deals that carry a significant amount of emotional and leadership weight. There are both brave and dangerous conversations that need to occur which is why most church leaders avoid them. However, they are also amazing […]

10 Benchmarks for a Powerful Succession Plan

Guess what? Every position in your church will turn over leadership multiple times in the history of its ministry. No person or position is permanent. Because of this I believe every church needs an active and dynamic succession plan for all key leadership positions. The instructions of the by laws are not sufficient. They are […]

Episode 73: Resourcing a Multiplication Movement

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Adam Flynt, Multiplication Pastor for The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, FL area. During their conversation they discuss how one church can resource a multiplication movement both locally and globally. Best Quotes “We wanted to follow Jesus into the world on His mission, […]

Savvy Stewardship That Increases Generosity

In this blog I am going to reveal one of the biggest generosity secrets that only a few churches deploy. It is powerful in terms of how it helps advance the vision on many different fronts. Every church can leverage it and it will cost you nothing. I call it “savvy stewardship” and here is […]

Exposing Hidden Flaws of the “Vision-Based Budget”

Let’s talk about a sure fire way to create financial pressure and underfund ministry. It is the common practice of “Vision-Based Budgeting.” Now, I am a huge advocate of vision clarity. Vision work is absolutely generosity work. But let me expose this common concept of “Vision Based Budgeting” and the hidden flaws associated with it. […]