Episode 73: Resourcing a Multiplication Movement

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Adam Flynt, Multiplication Pastor for The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, FL area. During their conversation they discuss how one church can resource a multiplication movement both locally and globally. Best Quotes “We wanted to follow Jesus into the world on His mission, […]

Savvy Stewardship That Increases Generosity

In this blog I am going to reveal one of the biggest generosity secrets that only a few churches deploy. It is powerful in terms of how it helps advance the vision on many different fronts. Every church can leverage it and it will cost you nothing. I call it “savvy stewardship” and here is […]

Exposing Hidden Flaws of the “Vision-Based Budget”

Let’s talk about a sure fire way to create financial pressure and underfund ministry. It is the common practice of “Vision-Based Budgeting.” Now, I am a huge advocate of vision clarity. Vision work is absolutely generosity work. But let me expose this common concept of “Vision Based Budgeting” and the hidden flaws associated with it. […]

Vlog: The Pitfalls of Vision Based Budgeting

Vision work is generosity work. Vision is really important. But vision-based budgeting is really dangerous and it doesn’t often accomplish what we think it does. Typically vision-based budgeting describes a process in which a budget figure is larger than seems reasonable. This leads to an actual result of financial pressure and underfunding. Before you begin […]

When Church Debt Is Overwhelming

What do you do when your church is in debt? Now I am not talking about just a little debt, but what do you do when you are carrying a debt load that is stifling? This is a heavy weight church leaders bear needing wisdom to successfully navigate.  First, let’s define a heavy debt load. […]

Episode 63: What Does Extravagant Generosity Look Like for Your City?

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by David Dykes, lead pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX. During their conversation they discuss how the church should be known as the most generous organization in the city. Best Quotes “We challenge our members to go into the community and […]

Rating Your Church’s Debt

Church debt can be a polarizing topic. Some are staunchly against it, viewing it as sin. While others are ok to engage some debt even though they would rather not. It feels necessary and practical. I have seen debt bind, divide, and kill a church. I have also seen it propel a ministry forward with […]

Above and Beyond Giving Is Here to Stay

Pastor, I have some great news. Generosity is on the rise with the most generous people across the United States. Statistically speaking, charitable giving dollars have never been higher. This growth is being achieved in large part due to giving people increasing their generosity year after year. Additionally, I previously spent two decades in the […]